Our Vision

Vision of Glenfield Nursery

All children are a precious gift, each has a unique identity and value, since all are made in God’s image and likeness.


We provide a family atmosphere with love and acceptance being at the centre, where every child can be taught to learn to share and be kind to one another, building a caring community.


The foundation of all that we do at Glenfield Nursery School is based on the biblical value to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’. The foundation of character is essential for any child to reach their full potential and to live a fulfilled life. We are committed to nurturing our children to flourish.


It is important for every child to have hope and a purpose and a sense of belonging. We learn always to see the good treasure in each other, enjoying the diversity of cultures and being respectful of different faiths. We work in collaboration with parents to achieve this/carers and EYES guidelines.

We will ensure that...

  • Children have the opportunity to develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and independence.
  • Children’s social skills are promoted and that they develop a caring attitude towards others.

  • Children have the opportunity to express themselves freely and with creativity and imagination.

  • Children have the opportunity to investigate the world around them.

  • Children develop their physical skills through play and learning.

  • Staff continue to assess the environment and act upon children’s ideas, comments, and play to further enhance and their surroundings/learning opportunities.
  • Staff interact, communicate, care for and meet the needs of all children within the nursery.
  • Staff record the progress and development of each child and plan for their ‘next steps’.
  • We will continuously update staff training and development opportunities.
  • That children who leave Glenfield Nursery School to go into Primary School have a good understanding of the world around them, are working towards their early learning goals, are able to recognise their own names and familiar words in the environment, are able to copy/write their name, recognise numbers especially of personal significance, can count and recognise shapes especially within the environment.
  • We will also strive to ensure that children have sufficient independence and life skills to help them make the transition.
  • We will support all children in our Nursery and continue to treat every child as an individual, meeting and supporting their needs as required.
  • We work with parents, carers and ‘others’ to meet the needs of our children.

Our ongoing vision for the future

  • To continue to ensure that Glenfield Nursery School Safeguards all children in our care.
  • To update staff training and ensure that the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • To continue to offer a warm and welcoming environment to all who attend Glenfield.
  • To continue to act upon our success rate of caring for children with a widening variety additional needs.
  • To ensure that parents and carers are fully aware that we are able to offer free Childcare for 2 year olds – 15 hours.
  • To continually update our SEF and Nursery Policies.
  • To share our Nursery with others.
  • To enjoy our Nursery and celebrate its achievements with others.
  • To share and work alongside ‘others’ if our children attend other settings.