Little Lambs

2 to 3 Years


the Little Lambs room

Little Lambs is situated across the hall from Little Ducklings, for children aged 2-3 years. We continue to provide a stimulating environment for our 2 year olds. The children have the opportunity to take part in daily group activities alongside making independent choices for play and learning.


We find children develop their independence and further enhance personal and social skills. They also develop a knowledge of number, shapes, letters and lots more. Little Lambs have access to our large outdoor area which they can access between indoors and out. Little Lambs is also home to Buzz and Woody! Our Goldfish who were named by some of our children in Little Lambs. The children are encouraged to take care of Buzz and Woody by helping us to feed them every morning as part of our routine.


Our Little Lambs are growing fast, they are nurtured through the next stages of their development leaping through the most important ages of their childhood. Our Lambs are supported as they gain independence, feeding themselves, toilet training, developing communication skills, making independent choices whilst supported by a dedicated team of staff.