Being Healthy


our healthy meals

At Glenfield we provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and afternoon tea. All our meals are home cooked, healthy and prepared fresh on the premises which has a 5 star food hygiene rating! Here is a copy of our menu.


Monday dinner- tomato pasta   tea – crumpets
Tuesday – homemade beef stew  tea – sandwiches pepper and Cucumber sticks 
Wednesday – chicken curry with rice, tea- cheese and crackers 
Thursday – chicken dinner with Yorkshire puddings  tea- beans/spaghetti on toast 

Friday – fish fingers chips and beans  tea- pancakes and fruit

Adjustments can be made ensuring we meet children’s dietary and religious requirements. Each child has their own water bottle that can always be accessed throughout the day.


We provide a wide and varied diet of healthy meals and snacks for all of our children.


We are mindful that children’s dietary requirements are all different  – we pride ourselves on meeting all of our children’s dietary needs, both dietary and cultural – we provide a wide menu and ensure all of our children’s needs are met.


Although we do have a planned menu this dependent on the children, we often ask them what they would like for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks.


Fresh fruit & vegetables

Our fruit and vegetables are delivered by Fox’s Yarm back lane, Stockton.

We’ve lost count of the number of years they have provided our fruit and veg.


Oral hygiene

We are proud to be an advocate for the tooth brushing programme. Those who have agree to take part will take part every day.


Healthy snacks & drinks

Each child has been given their own water bottle cup – identified by their name label.

Snacks have been removed – but are offered at regular intervals and when children ask for a snack.


Snacks include healthy options  – fruit, vegetables sticks, cheese and lots more.